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10 tips to increase Facebook engagement

If you're struggling to get customers to like and engage your Facebook posts, take a look at these top tips for getting more people involved online.

You will learn

  • How to invite your friends to like your page
  • Which content is best for Facebook
  • Where you should be investing your time and money

Below are 10 ways in which you can encourage more likes to increase Facebook engagement.

1. Invite Friends

You can start by inviting those who you are already friends with. Some will come across and like your page and others won't and although this is not a hugely targeted way to get Likes for your new page it's a good way to get started. You can find the area to 'invite friends' by clicking on the ellipsis button (the 3 dots) next to the 'Message' button on your Timeline.

facebook screenshot showing how to access a dropdown

Once you've clicked the ellipsis button a drop down box appears where you can select the option to 'Invite Friends'

Facebook screen shot showing how to invite friends to a page

2. Share Your New Page to Your Timeline or Existing Pages

Once you have set up your new page and optimised it properly and added some good quality and interesting content you can share it on your personal profile so that your friends and family can come an ‘Like’ it if they wish.

3. Add To Email Signatures

We all send and receive hundreds of emails each week and the signature at the bottom of the email is the perfect place for you to add all your social media links so that people you are emailing can immediately connect with you. This can be done easily by using hyperlinks.

4. Add To Website

Every website should have links back to their social media platforms. One school of thought is that they should be at the top in full view so that visitors can easily connect with you whereas others say it should be at the bottom so that it doesn't encourage people to leave your website and move across to the social media platforms.

One way to overcome this on Facebook is to use a plug in like 'Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox' which once installed pops up to attract visitors attention and encourage them to ‘Like’ your page without moving away from your website. It also shows images of people they know who have ‘Liked’ your page which helps to persuade them they should ‘Like’ your page too. Below is a screenshot of what the pop up looks like.

5. Add To Print & Literature

One thing many businesses forget to do is to add their social media details to any print or literature that they produce like business cards, leaflets or brochures. It's really important to have your details on everything that you produce so that it's easy for others to connect with you.

6. # Hashtag

Hashtags serve several purposes, some of which are:- They let you join in other people's conversation allowing you to expand your reach to a much wider audience than just the fans/followers you personally have already. Being seen by new audiences can result in getting new followers/Likes.

You might even want to try creating your own hashtag for your business to create your very own conversation stream but if you do this then do ensure you check to see if the hashtag is already being used by somebody else because the last thing you want to do is start promoting a hashtag that's inappropriate or even a hashtag leading to your competitors.

7. Blogging

The benefits of blogging are huge and can work well if used with a 'Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox'. Each time you write a new blog post you not only keep the search engines happy by adding fresh new content to your website on a regular basis but you’re also bringing new visitors to your website.

If you have the 'Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox' pop up installed then as soon as they begin to read your blog post they will be invited to ‘Like’ your page before they continue to read.

8. Post regularly

One of the main things that businesses don't understand about social media across the platforms is the need to post regularly and consistently. The platforms want you to do this and it helps promote trust to your followers/fans across the board. The more good quality content you share, the more your audience will see you the more they will understand what you do and when the time is right they will know who to come to.

9. Run a Competition

Another effective way to increase the ‘Likes’ on your Facebook page is by running a competition. Create a relevant, easy and fun competition and encourage the existing fans to share the competition with their fans. You can also utilise Facebook ads to promote your competition but remember you must always abide by the Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines before you embark on a competition.

10. Invest in Facebook Ads

Of course the fastest way to get new and targeted ‘Likes’ for your page is to use Facebook ads. By using the advertising platform you can specifically choose who you want to see your advert from the huge targeting options that Facebook have to offer. If you'd like some help getting these ads set up, then take a look at our free guide to social media advertising.

As with all social media platforms posting good, relevant content consistently will lead to regular buyers in the long run.

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