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How can I market my business on Pinterest

If you're interested in marketing your business on Pinterest, take a look at these top tips for success.

You will learn

  • How Pinterest works
  • How to use Pinterest for marketing
  • The importance of your target audience

Doing business on Pinterest is different from all the other social media platforms in that it is hugely visual and very inspiring. It's easy to lose an hour or two on this site, but don't worry, we have tips to help you stop wasting time on social media.

Beautiful images and interesting videos offer a visual feast of almost anything that interests you. It's fun and truly allows you to escape the mundane. It's an ultra-hot social media site in the US and is gaining good momentum here in the UK. It's absolutely perfect for businesses that have products with great imagery and it's particularly popular for niches like decor, cooking, fashion, health and crafts.

How it works is that you set up 'Boards' based on different topics that you're interested in and then you add images and videos to your boards which are called 'Pins'. Think of it like an office notice board that you stick things onto that you really like, that inspire you or that you want others in your office to read - only Pinterest’s 'Boards and Pins' are way, way cooler than that and of course you aren't restricted to just your office colleagues, the whole of Pinterest can view them.

By creating multiple 'Boards' for each of your chosen categories, you are able to engage with those who are interested in the same things as you. These 'Boards or Pins' get 'Liked' or 'Repinned' (like Twitters’ Retweets) around Pinterest for others to see and enjoy and interact with too. This means it's important to set everything up correctly so as to maximise every ounce of exposure your ‘Pins’ receive. 

Marketing your business on Pinterest

Below are some of the basic ways you can start to market your business on Pinterest. Once you have mastered how it works you can move onto things like adding prices to your pins to create your own Pinterest shop. By adding prices to your ‘Pins’ they get featured in Pinterest's 'Gift Section’ and you can also look at their advertising platform too.

The basics

Firstly you need to create a business account, especially if you're using a personal profile for your business. Fully complete your profile and include your business name and website url for maximum exposure. Use your business name as your username or change your profile name to your business name after your profile is set up.

In order to gain access to important features, such as rich pins, analytics, and promoted posts, you have to convert a personal account into a business account.

Getting noticed on Pinterest

Once your account is set up, you need to start creating 'Pins'. This isn't difficult but in order to get them seen and shared you need to optimise both your 'Boards' and your 'Pins' properly. Using keywords in your 'Board' titles and in the description section of your 'Pins' can help you get found when other users are searching for your products or topics etc. Keep these short but descriptive. If the image is something from your own website, definitely use your business name in the description as this will follow the image around Pinterest for everyone to see.

Tag other Pinterest users into your pins by using “@username” in your descriptions. You can network with other professionals and businesses in your field by using this feature and don't forget to add a 'Follow me on Pinterest button' to your website. 

Posting consistently rather than haphazardly will help you maximise your exposure as does 'Liking' and 'Commenting' on other people's 'Pins' and of course 'Repinning' them too. 'Repinning' is highly encouraged and is basically just sharing someone else’s pin with your followers. The person whose image you 'Repin' gets notified via email, and they also get a credit on your 'Pin', which increases their following.

Use lots of different sources for your pins to include 'Pinning' your own blog posts and videos but make sure you don't just 'Pin' promotional posts for your business. The same rule applies to Pinterest as to all other social media platforms – offer 80% engaging and good quality content with 20% promotional.

Pinterest analytics

There are certain hot times to post on Pinterest, Saturday morning being one of them but you need to check your own analytics from within Pinterest to see which 'Pins' you are posting receive the most 'Repins', ’Likes’ and ‘Comments’. There are lots of different analytics you can track for free to help you make Pinterest a great marketing tool for your business.

Know your target audience

Of course Pinterest isn't for every business and knowing your own business’ ideal target audience is the only way that you can establish if Pinterest or indeed any other social media platform will be right for your business. Generally speaking Pinterest users are female and under 50. So, if your business is more male orientated than female you may want to look at an alternative platform than Pinterest.

Doing business on Pinterest is a great way to visually reach your current and new audiences for free. Setting up the appropriate 'Boards' and 'Pins' and working it on a daily basis with enticing images and videos will help you to attract new customers/clients.

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