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How to get customers excited about a new product launch

You’ve spent a long time developing a new product that you hope will be really popular with your audience. Now, you’re turning your attention to how to actually get your customers excited about your new product launch. We can help.

You will learn

  • Ideas for spreading the word about your new product
  • Advice for running competitions
  • Tips for using testimonials

It’s not always easy to get customers excited about your new product launch, but there are lots of techniques that you can use to get them to stop what they’re doing and engage with you.

Let audiences know something’s happening

Your customers can’t get excited about something they don’t know is coming. Make sure you’re sending out regular messages about your new product that’s “coming soon”, as deliberate ambiguity can create intrigue. Think about how Cadbury launched their Wispa bars with adverts asking “have you heard about the Wispa?” No details were given about what the Wispa actually was, making sure audiences were curious.

Run competitions

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to run a competition for your customers. Offer people the chance to win your new product before it has launched. Everyone loves a freebie, especially when it’s something new or exclusive. Ask them to “like and share” or “tag three friends” in your post for their chance to be entered into the prize draw. Not only will that spread the word further about your launch, but you’ll also be able to see how many people are actually interested in your product before it becomes available to them.

Use testimonials

If you’ve run competitions or offered free trials during testing, get your customers to feedback on your new product. Let them advertise it for you by telling people exactly how useful or fun they thought your product was.

Testimonials are great for adding that personal touch to your marketing. Your customers know that you’re biased, so sharing real customer experiences of your product adds a lot more sincerity. Think of testimonials as the social proof to your customers that real people actually love your product.

Avoid buzzwords

Customers can spot them a mile off. Because words and phrases like “outside-the-box”, “revolutionary” or “cutting-edge” have been so over used in sales and marketing, they’ve essentially lost all meaning. Instead, stay focused on what the product can actually offer your customer – that’s what they care about, and that’s what will convince them to buy.

Make it an event

Your new product launch is massively exciting for your business and you should celebrate it. Host a promotional event that interested customers can get involved with, either online or in the real world. Book out some space and set up shop, let customers test out your new products and old, and offer a limited amount of your new product to be bought then and there to encourage sales.

If you’re going digital, you don’t have to go fancy. Your event could simply be based around a discounted sales price for the first 100 orders that come through of your product on a date set a few weeks before your actual launch. Use whatever event you run to create exclusivity and excitement in your customers.

Take all the support you can get

You won’t have single-handedly created your product, so don’t stop using the support and contacts you’ve built up. Collaborate with other complimentary businesses in your marketing, get feedback and testimonials from your customers, and offer to speak at networking events to spread the word about your launch.

Getting customers excited about your new product will take time and effort. However, by creating an air of exclusivity or intrigue, getting others to spread the word for you, and making an event out of your launch, you’ll find your sales will soar when the product hits the shelves.

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