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How to Increase Sales with 5 Easy Tips

There's no hard and fast method you can follow to increase sales in your business, but there are lots of steps you can follow to convince more people to buy from you.

You will learn

  • Which areas of your sales process to focus on
  • How to write your sales plan
  • Tips for using your competition to your advantage

Sales Tip 1. Continuous prospecting

You cannot always rely on your existing customers to hit your sales targets. Existing customers are always looking for ways to reduce costs, and maybe you and your product or service were one of those costs?

Sales Tip 2. Educate yourself on the competition

If you truly want to be able to sell against your competition, you had better know them… inside and out. You need to know about their marketing and promotion, their sales campaigns, their products and services, their strengths and weaknesses and much of this in the public domain.

Sales Tip 3. Write a sales plan

Not War & Peace but a specific document, written down, with a focused plan of how the team or business is going to secure business.

It does not need to be any more than one page of A4, but without a proper sales plan in place, most people will miss opportunities that they could have converted, and miss other opportunities they were not even aware of.

Sales Tip 4. Focus on your pipeline

I have spoken to many managers throughout the year that had stopped doing sales meetings, stopped doing joint field visits with their team and stopped checking their sales pipelines. Surprised?

When I would ask them when the last sales meeting they conducted with their entire team was, they would say things like, “It costs a lot to get everyone together for a whole day”, or, “I don't know what we’d do for an entire day”.

I am afraid that it does not give you a lot of faith, does it?

Sales Tip 5. Sharpen up your sales skills

Does this sound familiar?

  • Prospects are taking longer to make decisions
  • Higher level decision makers were getting involved
  • Return on investment needed to be proven at every stage
  • More competitors were involved in every sale
  • Prospects were looking to negotiate all your profit out of every deal

Many of the basic sales skills that are needed for success had been taken for granted as invariably training is the first item to be axed from the company budget.

A few further questions to ponder…

  • How did you and you team’s sales skills measure up?
  • What are you going to do to improve that this year?
  • Can old dogs be taught new tricks?

Consider training as an investment and not a cost!

Focus on these 5 key tips and they may well help you convert some more prospects in to clients. Good luck, and let me know how you get on.


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Written by:

Simon Shepherd

Marketing expert

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