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How to use Hashtags on Twitter

If you're wondering how to use hashtags on Twitter to join conversations and help get your business noticed more online, then take a look at these top tips.

You will learn

  • The Dos and Don'ts of Twitter
  • How many hashtags you should use
  • How to avoid mistakes

Helen Reynolds has been working on the internet for over 17 years, and now helps businesses make their messages blossom online, and in print. Here are her top six tips on how to use hashtags on twitter:

1. Use it as a catch phrase - you do not have much room on twitter, so the fact that hashtags do not have spaces or punctuation can really keep you on topic.

2. Hashtags are a great way to be in with the in crowd - it helps you join a conversation with people online.

3. Use hashtags to make things obvious: always put your hashtag before your call to action.

4. Do not go overboard - hashtagging every other word is overkill and disrupts the natural flow of your post.

5. Mind the gap - we use punctuation for a reason. Read through your hashtags before you put them out there. A quick Google of hashtag fails will show you what I mean.

6. You might not even need a hashtag - if you do use them, do not go overboard. Only use 1 or 2.

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Written by:

Helen Reynolds

Copywriting expert

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Telephone: 07929 948 743