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Marketing to Millennials

If you're looking for help with marketing to millennials, you're looking at the right article. We can help you attract and hold their attention online.

You will learn

  • How to make and run an appealing website
  • Ways you can get more millennial attention
  • How to be different with your social media marketing

Marketing to millennials is easier than you might think, you just need to make a few tweaks to what you’re already doing. The millennial market are media-literate and critical thinkers who like to explore all their options for making a buying decision, so much so that they’ve got their own marketing demographic: prosumers. And where do they find the information to help them make that decision? The Internet. If your business isn’t online, you’ll struggle when marketing to millennials.

Getting your business online

You’ll need to make sure you have a great business website that your millennial customer can visit to find out more information about your offer. Your website is the first connection customers have with your business and on average, you have two seconds of their attention to convince them to stay. So, your homepage needs to show off your most popular product or service straight away before your visitor needs to scroll or click.

We know creating and running a successful website isn’t easy, so we’ve got lots of support to help you get going. Take a look at what your options are for creating your website, questions you should be asking a web designer, and download your free guide to creating and running a website here.

Getting your business online to market to millennials

Optimise for mobile

If your website isn’t optimised for mobile use, you’ll be losing out a lot of millennial customers. They’re never far from their smartphones and if a website doesn’t load quickly or display properly, they’ll hit that back button and you’ll have lost a potential sale.

But what does being optimised for mobile actually mean? Well, in simplest terms, your website will be mobile optimised if your text is easy to read from a small device and any links you have on there are really easy to click on. Your customer shouldn’t have to scroll horizontally to be able to see the full page, it should all be arranged to fit the smaller screen of a smartphone.

People browsing on mobiles don’t want to have to click through lots of different links and take in your full website. Make sure the key information appears straight away, and don’t have lots of other distracting images or information.

Smartphone screens are much smaller than desktops and your customers will likely be using their fingers to navigate your site. Ensure that you make it really easy for your customer to do what you want them to do. Have large, easy to click boxes for search boxes and forms, and keep the amount of text your customers have to input to a minimum.

Man optimising his phone for marketing

Make sure you’re getting reviews

Millennials like to do their research, and they also like to talk about the products and services that they’ve experienced online. To really appeal to the millennial market, you should make sure that your website has a forum or review section that your customers can comment in and potential new buyers can view. Any customer is much more likely to believe another customer’s review over your marketing.

Don’t worry about the odd negative review creeping in. Millennials are great at sorting through the masses of information that bombards them online to find the information they need, so one bad review won’t register as a problem, especially if you handle it well. Take a look at our top tips for handling negative reviews on Facebook and TripAdvisor to help you get started.

Social media marketing

Yes, you’ll need to pay to push your adverts on social media to make sure your adverts are popping up as your millennial customers are scrolling. Come up with interesting images, infographics or videos to accompany your advert to grab their attention and get them engaged with what you’re posting. Check out our free guide to social media advertising for lots of tips and tricks for running great social media adverts.

However, to make a longer lasting impression, you might want to focus on that more “organic” interaction with your customers – i.e. the people you don’t have to pay to get engaged. Ask questions, create quizzes and infographics that will encourage millennials to react to and share on their own profiles to spread the word about your business. Think of a share or a retweet on social media as a digital way of building your word of mouth, the more people you can get to click on your posts, the more recommendations you’re getting for your business. This is especially important for a millennial market, as they’re really good at ignoring advertising, but a post shared by their friend or colleague they’re more likely to listen to.

Social media for marketing

Bit a bit different

Posting the same images and old content won’t cut it with a millennial audience. They just skip right over it when they’re scrolling down their newsfeeds. You need to stand out and grab their attention with something a bit different, and what that is will depend on what your business is doing – what makes you different from your competitors? Sell that in your advertising. Try videos, podcasts and blog posts that are connected to your business but aren’t overtly pushing your product or service. If you can entertain them first, you’ll be able to sell to them second.

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