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Our top tips for successful PR

Every business owner wants to create successful PR. It boosts your credibility and puts your message in front of your target audience increasing your chances of making a sale. In this article, we’ll talk you through our top tips for managing successful PR in your business.

You will learn

  • Tips for choosing your PR partners
  • How to target your audience
  • Ideas for spreading your message globally

Set your PR goals

As with any marketing efforts, when you’re looking into creating successful PR campaigns, you’ll first need to outline what your goals are. That way, you’ll be able to see whether or not you’ve been successful and if your time and money has been well spent. Are you looking to raise awareness for your brand, spread the word about your latest offer, or generate new potential customers for your business? Make sure you have a clear way to measure the results too, for example, increasing your sales by 10% over a one month PR campaign. Measurable goals with a specific time frame are best.

Choosing your partners

PR is all about the relationships you have, not just with your customers, but with the partners you choose to market your business through. You won’t do yourself any favours by putting your messages out through a partner that hasn’t got a good reputation in your industry.

Take the time to research the best people and publications to send your press releases to. Get a feel for their style and the types of content they put out to their readers, as well as the comments that posts get to better understand their audience. That way, you can be confident that any release that gets sent out will be beneficial to your business.

Journalists and publications are always looking for ways to fill space and save money, but you’ll need to make sure your content is right for them as well as you. Your message needs to be clear to you audience without conflicting with the overall themes of the publication you’re in. Choosing your partners carefully is key.

Focus on your audience

Your business wouldn’t operate without its customers. No matter who they are or where you’re speaking to them, every time you communicate, you need to keep their wants and needs at the heart of it. Promoting a sales pitch on its own isn’t likely to grab attention in a press release, you need to create a story that will grab attention and show how your offer has met your customer’s needs. Telling stories will also increase your chances of your piece being accepted by publishers as they’re much more engaging to read.

Get writing

You can choose to hire a professional writer to create your press releases, but having it come from within the business will make you story all the more authentic. You know exactly what messages you want to send out to your customers and can get that across in your writing. The more you practise, the better you’ll become, and make sure you spend a bit of time reading other content from the place you’re aiming to publish to get a sense of their topics and tone. Let your brand voice stand out in your piece so your audience will know it’s come directly from you.

You can learn more about writing press releases here.

Have some great images

The old cliché is true, a picture does paint a thousand words, and having professional and interesting images to accompany your piece is invaluable, especially if you’re publishing digitally. Stock photos are handy, but nothing beats an action shot of you making your product or a behind the scenes candid of your staff.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a handy library of Yorkshire images you can download for free.

Send it out

You’ve done your research and have a great piece ready to publish. Now you need to work your contacts and get your press release out there. Don’t be afraid of being told no, or of not hearing anything back if you’re trying to get into a new publication, publishers are busy people who receive countless press releases each day. Focus instead on those yesses and the little tweaks here and there and get your message out to customers.

Going global

Great PR can take you above and beyond the confines of Yorkshire and the UK itself. Getting your messages out through the right global brands can help your business go international and start selling to customers all around the world. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now easily reach global customers with your messages, and with eCommerce, you can easily sell to them. Exporting your products or services relies on the great relationships with international partners and customers you develop through your PR.

For internal PR, you’ll need to really get to know your market so you can avoid any kind of culture clash in your messaging. Keep your eye on local trends and news in the country you’re looking to sell to so you’re always able to pounce on PR opportunities as they appear, just as you would in the UK.

PR is a great tool for your business. Make sure that any communication you have with your customers is focused on promoting a great image for your business and speaks to their wants and needs. Successful PR places the customer at the centre of everything and has definable goals to help you be confident that your messages are having a positive impact for your business.


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