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Tourism Marketing Tips to Attract the Right Clients

If you've been putting a lot into your tourism marketing but haven't been seeing high quality customers coming through to your business as a result, take a look at these tips to attract the right kinds of clients.

You will learn

  • Some of the tactics you can use for targeting tourists
  • Some of the key social media sites for reaching tourists

Whatever business you run in tourism, it is important to be clear about your target customers, your own objectives and to plan for success. Understand your objectives and your clients' needs, and you can plan for growth.

This principle applies to all businesses, of course, but here are some tips for tourism marketing that will hopefully provide some of the ideas that you can implement easily and effectively.

Research your market

Determine your product offering and focus on your core strengths; target the market sectors that match your product(s) and vice-versa. For example, if you run a small bed and breakfast, will you mainly appeal to young professional couples seeking exotic weekend breaks, empty nesters, families or business people?

Research what other businesses are doing in your area of activity: you may pick up ideas that you can emulate – do not directly copy, but use the information to develop your own niche.

Take time out to sit down and write a plan of the marketing you would like to undertake. It does not need to be complicated – a simple calendar of actions will keep you on track. Remember the adage, “Poor planning leads to poor performance”.

Ensure the basics are in place: swift reactive sales processes, good on-site standards, professional team effort. If you employ people, train them for the market. If you are a sole trader, look for ways to stay ahead and informed, keep abreast of trends – technology, social media, attitudes, business change, etc.

Think about your target markets, decide what to include in your plan that might be most likely to appeal to them

Think also about your communication methods and how you might reach them. Which media are they most likely to use?

  • Newspapers?
  • Online News channels?
  • Lifestyle magazines?
  • Special interest publications?

Include social media in your plan:
The most common are Twitter and Facebook but explore others such as:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+ (general contact)
  • LinkedIn (for business contacts)
  • tumblr (micro-blogging)

Issue regular newsletters that communicate directly with your past customers and potential customers

Newsletters are important because they can convey what you want to say directly, but also provide you with an opportunity for feedback. Newsletters also help you to build loyalty, can be used for ‘exclusive’ promotions for the readership, and help you to gather opinions and can improve repeat custom.

Manage your reputation

Keep in touch. You can do this through constant contact, interesting collateral, direct selling, personal contact, news updates, etc. Reviewing sites such as TripAdvisor is an important part of the marketing mix, and, if well-managed, can help you to gain referrals. People are more likely to visit a review site before making a decision to book your service or buy your product. 

Employ great PR

Communicate your brand consistently and keep it at the forefront of the company's collective mind. Use a good PR agency for best results – an expert ‘outsider's’ view of your business can help you to more clearly understand how it is perceived, and how it can be managed. Good PR can make a huge difference. It does not have to be costly, but it can pay itself back many times over.

two cafe owners in the shop using a laptop to develop their social media for tourism advertising 
Think long term

Today’s ‘not interested’ may be tomorrow's ‘yes please’ - build your database and keep it clean.

Create partnerships

With other local businesses - think about charity connections, corporate social responsibility, accessibility and joint promotion.

Engage and be creative

Try new ideas to interest your potential clients and do not be afraid to be different – people respond to enthusiastic ‘tryers’. Ask for their opinion, respond to their ideas. Follow up and follow through.

Create combination offers 

Two products offered at a perceived lower price together than if bought individually – e.g. drinks and food dishes; rooms and dining.

Implement Monthly promotions

Planned in advance e.g. for hotels and restaurants:

Lazy Sundays: including lunch and late check out

Mid week options: champagne, flowers and chocolates; three-course meal with complimentary glass of wine – buy the rest of the bottle at half price.

Pick up the telephone

Making telephone calls to generate sales is still one of the best ways of getting business. If you have the right contacts, prepare well and call with genuine offers using good salesmanship techniques.

Never give in

Marketing and selling are the oxygen for your business. Keep trying. Remember that every no is simply the next step to yes.


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