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Why are Small Business Blogs a Great Idea?

Small business blogs are a great way to grab more attention for your business and bring more customers onto your website. More customers on your site should mean more sales, and that’s really what business is all about.

You will learn

  • How to make your business an expert in your field
  • Ideas for using your blog posts on your social media accounts
  • The benefits of blogging for search engine optimisation

Your blog is another tool you can use to delight your customers and convince them to spend their money on what you’re offering.

One of the biggest benefits of small business blogs is that you can really start to build up a relationship with your customers. If you can offer them great pieces of content that appeal to their interests and show that you know what you’re talking about, they’ll start to trust you. Customer trust doesn’t come easy, but once you’ve built it up, you’ll find that you’ll make a lot more sales than just pushing adverts on social media.

Try and think outside your business box and come up with blog posts that relate to your industry but that don’t obviously push your products or services. If it reads like an extended advert, people will simply click the cross and carry on with their day. If you run a B&B, for example, your blog posts could be around the five best travel booking sites, or the top ten activities to do in *insert your local area here*. Write about things that will interest your audience and keep them reading.

Posts that offer advice and useful tips to your audience will help establish your business as an expert in your area. Customers put more trust (and more money) into businesses that know what they’re doing and are competent and confident in their offer. Plus, if it’s something they’ve found really useful, they’ll likely share your post with their friends and family, and that recommendation can be invaluable.

Content on small business blogs that get shared and passed on from person to person online is great for attracting new customers to your business. If your blog post gets shared by a loyal customer on their personal social media, that’s a valuable recommendation from them to all their friends and followers. All you need is for a few of those followers to read your blog post and you’ll have generated new potential customers for your business.

Getting your blog posts passed around the internet by your customers is also great for your search engine optimisation (SEO for short). SEO, in a nutshell, is how easy it is for search engines like Google to understand your content and know when to send people towards your pages. If you can get Google on your side, you’ll find you’ll get a lot more potential customers finding your website where you can convince them to buy.

You blog is great for improving your SEO, as it’s a place on your website that will be regularly updated, which lets Google know your site is active. And, if you can get your blog posts shared and read by lots of potential customers, it will tell search engines that people like your content so they’ll prioritise your pages over other similar pages on the web.

Small business blogs are a really useful tool that can make a big difference to the number of customers visiting your website. Whether that’s through a recommendation from Google or their nearest and dearest, your blog posts can help you reach out and delight more people every day.

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