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Food regulations and chlorinated chicken – where do you stand?

Food regulations and chlorinated chicken – where do you stand?

In this article you’ll learn

  • What chlorinated chicken wash is
  • How you can use your ethical farming to your advantage
  • Places to go for independent quality certification

You might have seen a lot of debate about food regulations and American manufacturers’ use of a chlorinated chicken wash. It’s got a lot of customers worried but this is the perfect opportunity to promote your business. Show your customers that no matter what decision is made about regulations after Brexit, you’ll still be providing a product that’s been well taken care of in its life, and that’s been produced ethically and to a high standard.

While people are taking an active interest in where their food comes from, why not get them talking about your business, and get a boost from that extra word of mouth marketing? Show your customers that even though they might have to pay a little more for your chicken products, they’ll know that there’s been no chlorine used to treat it.

If you’re raising healthy, happy birds, take advantage of social media to show them off, and make sure you use the right hashtag so you’re definitely joining the conversation online. If you show that you won’t sacrifice the quality of life for your birds or lower the overall hygiene of your production, your customers won’t mind spending a little more for that guarantee of superior quality.


There are lots of steps that you can go on to take to show your commitment to quality. Just telling your customers you care about your chickens isn’t always going to be enough of a guarantee for them, but getting a recognisable stamp of approval that you can put on your packaging will. A clued up customer is much more likely to pick a product with a RSPCA assured label on it than a product without, as it’s a recognisable marker of your commitment to quality. Take a look at some of the standardisation bodies that you can get your business approved by to add that extra guarantee of quality for your customers:

  • Red Tractor Assurance – they provide a food standards scheme, covering animal welfare, food safety, traceability and environmental protection.
  • RSPCA Assured – using this label, your customers will know that you give your livestock a good life. It’s also a well-known and recognisable brand that is easy for your customers to understand when they see the accreditation label on your packaging.
  • UK Accreditation Service – offer accreditation from the International Standards Organisation to show that your business is maintaining high standards.

 While the chlorinated chicken debate is still topical and has the public’s attention, make sure you use it to your advantage. Make it clear to your customers that you won’t sacrifice the quality of your products regardless of whatever decision Government comes to about EU food regulations post-Brexit. Use your social media to join the conversation and get yourself some recognisable stamps of approval from independent bodies.

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Join the discussion on food regulations and chlorinated chicken and show your customers that you're business is committed to high quality and ethical practices.