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How can HMRC help your business

How can HMRC help your business
Simon King
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In this article you’ll learn

  • How HMRC can help your business

Legally, your business is going to have to deal with HMRC. They’re known for handling taxes but they’ve got a lot of really useful information on the website, including videos, webinars and newsletters. All in all, this makes it really easy to find out exactly what information you need to give them and also, to find out about the handy ways for you to get money back from the Government.

So, whether you’re setting up a business, changing the structure of your business, trying to make sure you pay only as much tax as you need to, or taking on staff, HMRC help by creating lots of online resources so you can do it all legally.

How can HMRC help your business

HMRC help new or existing businesses by providing a range of information relating to employing people, recording the information you will need to complete your tax returns, claim allowances, VAT and payments.

What do they offer?

  • Fundamental tax advice, e.g. tax returns, allowances and tax codes
  • Help and support with self-assessment and record keeping
  • Information about national insurance contributions
  • Advice on self-assessment and how you can pay any tax liability
  • Fact-sheets about working for yourself
  • Helpline and online presentations
  • Advice on taking on staff
  • Advice on if you need to register for VAT

Further Information 

My new business

For interactive help and advice from across government in one place specifically designed for small businesses go to the ‘Starting up a Business’ pages at

Tax help information

Working for yourself – what you need to know.

Expenses and allowances for the self-employed – what you need to know.

Online presentations

Register your self-employment

On line -

Register for tax


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HMRC are known for handling tax, but in this article we've looked at the different ways that HMRC can help your business.