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How do I promote my Facebook page

How do I promote my Facebook page
Rachel Moore
Social media
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In this article you’ll learn

  • The importance of Facebook notifications
  • How you can promote your page for free
  • How to invest in Facebook ads

If you're asking yourself: "how do I promote my Facebook page", there's no getting away from the fact that you're going to have to pay more money to be seen on social media platforms. As platforms continually change their algorithms bit by bit, the free reach declines evermore. Facebook leads the way with its 'Pay to Play' style now and the others will no doubt follow suit. The reality is that if brands want to be seen by more people then, they are going to have to pay to use Facebook for business.

Facebook have been changing their algorithms over the past few years and not all the posts you put out will go out to all of your Page fans anymore. Facebook have dramatically reduced what is referred to as the 'Organic 'Reach' of a post. This is in part to encourage you to pay to 'Reach' your Page fans. However, there are still a few things you can do to help your community see your posts without having to spend a lot. Why not take a look at our top five tips for a business Facebook page to make sure you're doing all the right things for your account? 

Business man promoting his Facebook page

Get Notifications

Not many people realise that once they 'Like' a Facebook page, they are not automatically going to receive all the content that the page posts.  If however you 'Like' a page and then click on the little arrow head next to the word 'Like', a drop down box will appear.  You then have the choice to request 'to be sent notifications of each update or not'. The default is set to 'All Off' so in order for you to receive the updates of that page you have to manually change it to 'All On'. If it’s left on ‘All Off’ then your marketing on Facebook won’t be fully reaching your target audience.

Once you have changed the default setting for that page, you will then receive a notification advising you each time that page publishes a post. The notification will show in a red box which sits over the globe on the blue tool bar as shown below.

Engage with your consumers

Another excellent way to promote your Facebook page for free is to 'Like' and 'Reply' to every comment that is made on your posts. Facebook will then see that activity is happening on the post and will show your post to more people meaning the 'Reach' will increase. The higher the 'Reach', the more 'Engagement' your post will receive and your visibility within Facebook will increase and you'll get more followers. You can even turn a negative Facebook comment into something positive with the help of these tips

Lots of notifications after efforts to promote my facebook page to potential customers

Post Relevant & Interesting Content

Of course the above strategy works best when you post relevant, interesting and sometimes controversial content that your audience wants to engage with. So, you need to know your audience's likes and dislikes.  Referring to the free analytics that Facebook provide under the 'Insights' tab will help you establish which of your posts are receiving the most engagement, i.e. which type of posts your audience prefer. All of this will help to improve your marketing on Facebook by showing you’re more than just a salesperson. 

Once you have established which posts are the best for getting engagement then post more with a similar content.  As you build relationships with your audience, they will begin to 'Like', 'Comment' and 'Share' your content gaining you additional and free visibility on Facebook.

Check out our advice for writing great content for social media here.

Run a Competition

Another way to promote your Facebook page is by creating relevant, easy and fun competitions that encourage existing fans to 'Share' with their fans.  This can work well especially if you also embark on a Facebook advertising campaign too.  However, do not make 'Sharing' the competition a condition of entry as this currently breaks the Facebook Promotional Guidelines - always check these out before you run a competition as they change frequently and without notice.

Invest in Facebook Ads

And of course finally, the fastest way to promote your Facebook page is to run a Facebook ad campaign targeting your ideal customer profile, or you could even choose to promote one of the posts on your 'Page' directly to the fans of your 'Page'.

Advertising to your 'Page' is cheaper than advertising out to the general public, so if you have a Facebook Page that has a highly targeted audience (which ideally you should have) then it makes total sense to advertise directly to that audience on your page.

One of the main things that new users to social media forget is that it all takes time. Growing your community on Facebook or anywhere online takes time and patience and those who understand this and work consistently at it will reap the highest rewards.

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If you're asking: "How can I promote my Facebook page?", Rachel Moore has the answers & explains how Facebook marketing can be cheap and still increase engagement.