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Top five tips for a business Facebook page

Top five tips for a business Facebook page
Anne Taylor
Website development, Social media, Digital marketing
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In this article you’ll learn

  • How to use creativity
  • How to use your marketing budget
  • How to evaluate the success

1. Get creative.

Add great images to posts – be it stock, staff, or your store, try to plan ahead with what you're going to add to give yourself more time to ensure you get the best shots. You're 2x more likely to get likes and comments when you add an image. 


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2. Be vocal.

You're on Facebook, it's social – talk to your audiences. Post often (but don't overdo it, we all know businesses that inundate news feeds, it doesn't work well) and make sure your messages are varied.


3. Use easy opportunities.

Valentine's Day, Easter, summer holidays, back to school, Halloween and Christmas, to name just a few 'hooks' for posts. It might be a deal, promoting new stock or menus, or simply an (occasional) humorous picture to make your audience smile.


4. Use your marketing budget.

Experiment with Facebook's tools and see what works for you, from boosting certain posts and promoting your page to encouraging app installs and allowing people to claim offers.


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5. Evaluate success.

This takes time, yes, but understanding the success of what you're doing means you can make informed decisions about how you use Facebook. Facebook Insights lets you look at some really interesting data. Try new ideas – test, measure, adjust as necessary and repeat and you'll soon see the benefits of marketing via Facebook.



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