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How to become a How’s Business expert

How to become a How’s Business expert

On this page you'll learn...

  • Steps to becoming a How’s Business expert
  • Our feedback process

We’re lucky to have some truly exceptional professionals volunteer to share their experience with their local business community. If you would like to help too, then here’s how:

First steps

We’ll ask you to volunteer for a How’s Business event, such as being one of our experts at a Popup Business Cafe. Or you’re welcome to approach us directly and contact us. We’ll have a chat to see if you fit our friendly, informal and supportive style. Anyone too salesy won’t fit it.

Our feedback process

Attendees give feedback about their discussions. If the feedback is positive, you’ll be listed on this website. We’ll arrange for your biography to be written and a photo to be taken.

What if there’s not enough feedback?

Feedback forms are often the last things on people’s minds when they dash off at the end of the event. If we don’t have enough feedback, we’ll ask you for testimonials from people you’ve helped.