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How to host a Popup Business Cafe

How to host a Popup Business Cafe

On this page you'll learn...

  • How to approach us
  • What we’re looking for
  • How we can help

Our award-winning Popup Business Cafes can take place anywhere in York, North Yorkshire or East Riding. But we need willing hosts to get the ball rolling. Hosting is hard work but very rewarding.

Our checklist

We don’t have an unlimited amount of time slots for Popup Business Cafes, so have a rigorous selection process.

Is there enough local demand?

We’ll be asking upwards of six people to volunteer several hours of their time. So we need to make sure enough people will attend.

Have you a suitable location in mind?

A Popup Business Cafe needs:

  • Enough space to set up at least six tables with two chairs
  • Toilets
  • Tea and coffee-making area
  • Adequate parking if possible, if outside a town
  • Free WiFi
  • Cake and biscuits are always appreciated by experts and guests alike

Venues which people associate as a friendly place to network work well. Often pubs and tearooms are happy to donate a space during the day.

What the host needs to do

  • Get in contact with either our team member Liz or Karen
  • Have time and contacts to promote on the ground
  • Know people who would be happy to volunteer as experts. However we can help fill in any gaps.
  • Promote the event by talking about it, emailing contacts, putting up posters and deliver awareness.

What How’s Business will do

We support any local business group that wants to organise their own Popup Cafe. We can:

  • provide a small amount of funding, to cover costs that can’t be met any other way.
  • help get the word out there, through providing posters and promoting through social media.
  • wherever possible, send a How’s Business team member to help co-host the event.