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How we find our experts

How we find our experts

On this page you'll learn...

  • How we find business experts
  • Assessment and feedback
  • How to volunteer

We need to ensure every one of our business experts is professional and trustworthy.

Selection steps

Here are the steps we take:

  1. We pick a location for an event. Or an organisation approaches us about putting on a Popup Business Cafe. 
  2. We get in touch with contacts we already know and trust. This could mean asking someone to travel away from their local area.
  3. If they can’t make it, or we don’t know anyone, we’ll ask our partners and experts for referrals.

Assessment and feedback

Before we sign up an expert for an event, we have a conversation with them to see if they’re suitable. Our style is friendly, informal and supportive. Anyone too ‘salesy’ won’t fit in.

At the event, we’ll ask delegates to fill in feedback forms. These form the basis of working out whether the expert should appear on the site.

Want to volunteer? Get in contact

We know some experts fly under the radar just because they’re too busy to network. So if you’d like to be considered, please contact us.