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How we’re governed

How we’re governed

On this page you'll learn...

  • The type of organisations represented on our steering group
  • How often they meet
  • More about who leads our steering group


Staff and officers from the Local Enterprise Partnership look after the everyday running of How’s Business

Our steering group

Just like a school has governors or a charity has trustees, a group of people govern How’s Business. They represent business organisations such as:

There are 14 people on the steering group, giving us a great breadth of knowledge and input. They review and give feedback on How’s Business every quarter.

Led by Northallerton businessman David Kerfoot MBE

David is the Founder and non-executive director of vegetable oil company The Kerfoot Group Ltd. He started the company in 1980. It now has sales of £65 million. David is the Vice Chair of the Local Enterprise Partnership. He has plenty of experience of helping Yorkshire thrive having been Chairman of the Local Strategic Partnership Board.