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What is a Popup Business Cafe?

What is a Popup Business Cafe?

On this page you'll learn...

  • What happens at a Popup Business Cafe
  • The type of free advice on offer

Business conferences and networking events are invaluable to small business owners. However they are notorious for eating up precious time. So we came up with the idea of Popup Business Cafes.

Just down the road

Travelling in North Yorkshire and East Riding can involve long journeys. We wanted to make it easy for business owners to get local advice. So our Popup Business Cafes take place in towns and villages across our patch.

20 minutes of free advice

You can spend up to 20 minutes speaking with an expert. The advice on offer includes starting a business, raising finance, marketing and PR, websites, social media, tax and accountancy.

Stay as long as you want

While the event is on, you can turn up at any time to suit you. At registration, decide who you want to talk to. You’ll then be given a time to start your chat with your chosen expert.

No sales pitch

All our experts have volunteered their time. They are there to help their local business community, not to sell to you.

Practical and award-winning

So far 250 Popup Business Cafe experts have helped more than 600 North Yorkshire and East Riding businesses. 80% of businesses who come along make a positive change after talking to our experts.

In 2015, our Popup Business Cafes were awarded a High Impact Award by Global Enterpreneurship Week.

Next Popup Business Cafes

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