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Top 5 presentation tips

Duncan Lewis runs Eaglei, a business and training consultancy. They offer services in business support and innovation, training and development, and motivational speaking. He has over 30 years experience, working in private, public and charitable sectors. Here are his top 5 presentation tips:

You will learn

  • How to prepare for a presentation
  • Key skills for public speaking
  • How to use body language in a presentation

1. Know your objective

What are you trying to achieve, and what are the expectations of your audience? Try to deliver something that satisfies both of these.

2. Preparation

Know your subject matter. Give yourself a start middle and end point for what you’re talking about, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

3. Use of your voice

Use breathing to control any nerves. Try to modulate and project what it is that you’re saying. Remember that vocal energy means passion and enthusiasm to your audience. Use the power of the pause. This gives you time for your audience to reflect on what you’ve said and it gives you time to gather your thoughts.

4. Body language

Try to use open body language, and a strong authoritative stance. It’s fine to walk around and move, but also remember that stillness gives others confidence in you. Try to make eye contact with your audience, even though you can’t make eye contact with everyone in the room if you can pick out a few individuals, make eye contact with them.

5. Leave your audience wanting more

Don’t try to cover absolutely everything when you are presenting, leave room for stimulating questions. Make sure you generate these questions through the content of what you are presenting.


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Written by:

Duncan Lewis

Business Coach

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