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Finding support doesn’t have to be a crisis

Published 22nd March 2019

Employees are key to any business’s success, yet staff training is often put on the backburner – whether that’s because businesses aren’t aware what training might benefit their staff, or they simply don’t have the funding for it. The businesses that do this are missing out on benefits, such as improved efficiency and loyalty from their employees. Ashley Mason, Chief Officer of YorMed, an independent ambulance service and training provider in York, came to How’s Business as up-skilling his employees was a top priority.


Ashley wanted to make sure that his team were all "up to speed to have more flexibility and take on more contracts” and knew that he needed to invest in training to make sure they could meet the increased demand for their service.


It was clear to us just what support would be a perfect fit for Ashley – Skills Support for the Workforce, which is where we signposted him towards. This programme provides fully funded training on a range of courses. Whether you’re after something industry-specific, or interested in something general like marketing, there’s likely a course that will fit your business needs. Plus, there’s no minimum or maximum cost to the training, as it’s decided on a case by case basis. If you’re uncertain what training might be appropriate for your business, the team at Skills Support for the Workforce will also help you understand where you may have a training need.

Through Skills Support for the Workforce, two existing employees and two new members of Ashley’s team were able to access necessary management training. Over five courses, his employees were able to pick up skills on everything from appraisals, business planning, engaging staff and much more. What they have learnt will ensure that they become better managers and able to progress within the business. One of his employees has even been promoted because of the training and gone from manager to deputy.


The feedback on Skills Support for the Workforce from Ashley has been extremely positive: “I was happy with the whole process, from the length it took to receive a response from my referral to how the Skills Support for the Workforce team handled my project request.”

The next step for Ashley’s business is to engage with his customers more and generate revenue. Ashley doesn’t need direct support from us at this stage, but he knows that we’re always here whenever he needs further support. It can be a few days later, or months down the line when Ashley returns, but we will still provide the same high level of guidance.


“I was impressed with the support that I was able to receive through How’s Business. This support has been instrumental in helping me develop my people. Overall, I am very satisfied and the team has been tremendous in keeping me in the loop and ensuring I am accessing the support needed.”

Ashley Mason, YorMed

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