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Here, you can find all the great resources and eBooks that we've put together with the help of our trusted experts.

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  • What How's Business eBooks are free for you to download

EU Exit (Brexit)

The UK has now left the EU and entered into a transition period that will finish at the end of the year. Find out what we have to offer to help you prepare.

EU Exit Business Preparation Fund

Financial support of £500 is available to businesses in York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding for advice from a local accountant to help them prepare now that the UK has left the EU. Download our application pack, which includes details about the process and eligibility criteria. 


Social media

Check out what social media advice we've got on offer

Social media advertising ebook

Learn how you can market your business using social media advertising. We'll help you set up your adverts, pick your audiences and review your impact.

Social media strategy

With this free guide to social media strategy, you'll learn which sites have the potential for highest results, get a free social media content planner, learn some top tips for creating content, and discover how to monitor and measure the success of your campaigns.

Social media design templates

To save you time when you're creating posts for social media, we've put together this templates kit to make sure you look great in half the time.

Social media image cheat sheet

All social media sites have their own image sizes, and it can be hard to remember them all. Thanks to our social media image cheat sheet, you don't have to.



Here are all the eBooks we've put together to help you market your business more effectively.

The How's Business guide to creating a brand

If you want to develop a brand that your customers can easily recognise and identify with, download your free copy of our branding eBook.

Marketing to tourists

Yorkshire gets a lot of tourist trade, so make sure you're business is advertising to them. Our marketing to tourists guide gives you lots of practical tips and advice for putting your business on the tourist map.

Out of home marketing

We might live in an increasingly digital world, but out of home (ooh) marketing still has a massive impact on customers. In this eBook, you'll learn how to promote your business in the real world.

Advertising accommodation online

If you want to fill more of your rooms, take a look at our free guide to advertising accommodation online. By following the tips, you'll be able to market your business more effectively and draw in more customers.

Becoming an award winning high street

Winning awards is a great way to attract more attention to your business. Working with other local business owners to put your local area on the tourist map can help you all increase sales. This eBook, written by award winning business owners, helps you get started.



Business networking can have a massive impact on the success of your business. Talking with other business owners can help you find solutions to your problems, build contacts, and create future opportunities.

Better Networking

If you'd like to improve your networking skills and find out about the local groups across York, North Yorkshire and East Riding, then make sure you download this eBook.

Networking pack

If you'd like to find out about what type of networker you are, and how to avoid unhelpful conversations while keeping the good ones flowing, then make sure you get your copy of our networking pack.


Business compliance

If you're worrying about meeting business regulations, then our free guides will help keep you compliant. 

Auto Enrolment

If you're struggling to understand the new pension laws, download your copy of our guide to auto enrolment to make sure you stay compliant. 



If you're looking for business funding advice, take a look at our eBooks designed to point you in the right direction for support.


If you're looking for local funding opportunities, take a look at these opportunities that your business could qualify for.

Alternative finance

If you can't rely on the banks to provide the funding you need for your business, grab your copy of our free alternative finance guide.


Starting a business

There's lots that you need to consider when starting a business, but we've condensed the vital points into a simple download for you.

Start up advice

If you're thinking about starting a business, make sure you download your copy of this free guide. It talks you through all the basic steps you need to take to get your business up and running.

Student start up advice

If you're a student looking to start up a business, get your free guide here to learn what you need to do to get set up.


Staffing advice

Here, you'll find a selection of eBooks dedicated to one of your best assets in your business: your staff.

Apprenticeships toolkit

Are you looking to grow your workforce, or fill gaps in your existing skill set? Are you interested in ways to future proof your business?

Our apprenticeship toolkit was developed in partnership with Humber LEP and contains information relevant to employing apprentices today.

The How's Business guide to Apprenticeships

If you're interested in training your current staff or bringing on a new employee at a low cost, then apprenticeships are definitely for you. Plus, your apprentice will, on average, increase your weekly productivity by £214.

Health and wellbeing in the workplace

If you're looking to promote staff wellbeing and increase the level of job satisfaction and workplace happiness, you can find out from out experts how to make that happen in this eBook.

Effective staff management

If you're looking to develop yourself and become a better manager to your team, then this eBook is perfect for you.

Mental health toolkit

Looking after the mental health of yourself and your employees is both a right and a responsibility. In these uncertain times you, or those who work for you, may find themselves suffering. It's important that you know what your role is in identifying mental health issues as they arise, how to deal with issues, and where to turn for help and support.


Support for online business

The internet is a very powerful business tool, and you need to make sure you're using it to its full potential, as well as keeping your business safe from online threats. These eBooks are designed to help you do just that.

Creating and running a website

If you want to create and run a website for your business that your customers will love, take a look at this eBook.

Cyber security advice

Learn from our cyber security experts about the simple steps you can take right now to increase the online protection of your business.


To sell your product online, you're going to need to think about your eCommerce strategy. This eBook outlines your options and gives you tips for success.

Search engine optimisation tips

Bringing high quality customers onto your business website for free is possible if you follow these tips for search engine optimisation success.


Image libraries

Photography has a massive impact on whether or not a customer chooses to buy from you. That's why we've compiled images from across York, North Yorkshire and East Riding to help you stand out.

Yorkshire image library

Great images can be the difference between making and losing a sale. Use these stunning images of Yorkshire in your marketing to grab customer attention and let your sales pitch begin.

York city centre image library

If you're a business based in York, make sure you download this image library to help give your marketing stand out and attract customers.

Christmas image library

Give your marketing that festive feel with these free images for the holiday season.