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Circular Economy Event


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08th October 2019

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Business Central 2 Union Square, Central Park, Darlington, DL1 1GL

Join FSB North Yorkshire & FSB North East for a joint event with YNYER LEP & Tees Valley LEP for small businesses to find out how to take the first steps towards circular economy working, with a clear economic case for small businesses to get involved

50% of SMEs haven’t heard of the Circular Economy* – you are not alone!

25% do not understand the concept,

and only 10% are thinking about it for their business,

whichever category you fit in to…. help is at hand…..

Increasingly, customers are asking for businesses to demonstrate environmental policies and greater environmental collective responsibility is a hot topic locally and globally. We know that 70% of FSB members are interested in reducing their environmental impact or have already taken steps towards more sustainable practices, and we would like to help those who are interested in doing more, or starting out on a more environmentally friendly business path. This event is aimed at small business owners who are interested in saving the planet and saving themselves money as well as becoming more energy efficient and productive. We hope it will be inspirational but most of all beneficial to your business, showcasing practical examples of how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and become involved with emerging policy such as circular economy, and learning about more sustainable ways of working that have an impact on your business success.

We hope that you will go away full of simple ideas that can be implemented, and with an awareness of advice and funding available to help you, as well as some new useful contacts. We aim to help you get a step ahead of the competition, become more resilient to scarcity of resources and create more revenue and reduce your operating costs.