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About us

We’re here to provide free business advice and support for businesses in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. We’re one of many UK government-funded Growth Hubs, but tailored to Yorkshire’s needs.

Professional support

Speaking with one of our account managers about your business support needs can ensure that you are always informed about the appropriate funding and advice for your business. We work with the providers of support across York, North Yorkshire and East Riding to make it simple for you to access what you need to expand your business.

Pointing you in the right direction

We are the central point for business support in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding. Our website lists local support and funding opportunities, networking events, conferences and business support events, advisory articles for business issues, and case studies of real businesses who have benefited through their relationship with the Growth Hub.

Making things simpler

Rather than waste your time searching and applying for funding and support that you might actually be ineligible for, speak to our account managers. They are familiar with the business support landscape and can connect you with the best funding programmes and support for your business. You can contact them by emailing

In it for the long-haul

Your contact with the Growth Hub won't end once you've signed a contract and secured some funding for your business. We're always on hand to find you the next great opportunity to help you develop further and make your business the best it can possibly be. Take a look at our funding page to see what opportunities are waiting for you to take up.