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Bradford Learning Lunch: Communication Skills


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21st August 2018

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West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, Devere House, Little Germany, Bradford, BD1 5AH

“Communication is key” - a phrase which we all know and understand, but, it doesn’t mean that we are all as good at it as we would like to be. For many of us, communicating effectively can be challenging which often results in barriers in workplace productivity. This casual workshop is aimed at those of you who want to improve your communication abilities and, in turn, relationships with your colleagues and customers.

The session will cover the following:

  • Identifying the barriers to communication
  • Examining different styles of communication and the communication model
  • Improving and developing communication skills
  • Challenging personal assumptions and beliefs
  • Improve listening skills

So, come and join us for a buffet lunch and interactive workshop where you can learn and share tips for effective communication.