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Learning Lunch: The Art of Honest Conversation


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West & North Yorkshire Chamber


14th March 2019

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Member Rate £20pp (Inc VAT) Non-Member Rate £30pp (Inc VAT)


Clarion Solicitors, Elizabeth House, 13-19 Queen St Leeds, LS1 2TW, United Kingdom

Join us at our next Learning Lunch in Leeds and hear from Michelle Mook at Pro-Development (UK) Limited who will share some practical tools, techniques and tips for holding open and honest conversations.

Recognising the value of, and practising, clear and open communication at all levels is the first step to improving performance.  We all know this, but why do we find it so difficult?  

We often delay conversations or tip-toe around to avoid perceived conflict, yet not having the conversation is often what causes the conflict.  No matter what our role and who the person is that we need to offer feedback to, it is important to communicate in the right way.  This workshop will help you to develop techniques and skills that will enable both parties to leave with a clear and consistent message.

You will identify how to approach honest conversations in a confident and structured way along with developing your feedback skills, handling difficult conversations and learning to celebrate success. You will leave with a personal action plan identifying the key changes to help ensure you hold open and honest conversations.

The workshop look at the following:

  • What is an honest conversation?

  • Why it is so important to hold honest conversations? 

  • What gets in the way of honest conversations?

  • How you can prepare for an honest conversation?

  • Identify different models of feedback to help increase other’s self-awareness

  • Challenging personal assumption and beliefs

  • How can you hold an effective honest conversation that results in the right outcome?

 Apply techniques for giving and receiving feedback with honesty and integrity and implement the skills required for honest conversations.