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What is a Growth Hub?

We’re one of 38 Growth Hubs set up by the Department for Environment and Industrial Strategy.

Signposting you in the right direction

Our role is to make it easy for business owners like you to find the support you need. This could be to locate funding, help with marketing or advice on how to expand your set-up.

Keeping things local

Most of the businesses we help are small businesses and micro businesses. They’re run by passionate individuals who love providing their product or service.
As our patch is quite rural, travel times can really cut into your day. So we try to focus on what’s available locally. This website plays a vital role in offering advice from anywhere with an internet connection.

Good for you, great for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding

Most businesses stay where they start. Small business owners are vital for the economic growth of any area. So helping you become even more successful benefits everyone.

     “It’s about creating conversations, not paperwork. When running a small business, time is one of your most valuable assets and mistakes are costly. We want small business owners to be able to quickly find someone they can trust.”

David Kerfoot MBE, Chairman of the Kerfoot Group